The Food and Mood Book is designed to inform people about the links between food and mood, which in many thousands of people’s minds is a known experience and not at all controversial. It is not necessarily just junk food that can affect people – some people react to ‘healthy’ foods such as fruit or aged meat. For an introductory talk to food intolerance, watch this video.

By “mood”, I include anger, anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, brain fog, irritability etc. The ebook has many personal stories as well as links to scientific studies, the best elimination diet to determine your triggers, and discusses existing treatments.


Version 2

My name is Jude Burger and my life changed after I learned how food intolerance impacted my moods and brain function.

This book explores the link between food and mood due to food intolerance. Natural and man-made food chemicals are linked to causing depression, anxiety, anger, brain fog, ADHD and other similar moods in many people. The book includes many personal stories, links to research, the best elimination diet to determine triggers, and some existing treatments.

It’s been a long journey. Many, many others are similarly affected and have benefited enormously, like me, by changing their diet. I want to share some of our stories, pass on some of our knowledge, and I hope this ebook helps many more people.

I now am available to speak with community groups on this topic (Australian venues at this stage).

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