Karen R: “I’m crying with relief reading yr book”

A friend: “I read it last night and wow, you did an amazing job. I for one have already started looking at what I eat.”

Dr Poerio, psychologist: “Jude has written a book that opens the door to intelligent exploration of the way chemicals can impact on our brain function, and ultimately our mood. Jude brings together a wide range of information in a readily digestible form and invites us to make up our own minds. The book presents a clear, straight forward and practical approach to the subject matter. The material is thought provoking and left me wanting to know more.
Jude gently challenges us to conduct our own research using an n=1, to discover for ourselves, the link (if any) between the food we eat and our subsequent mood. She provides the tools with which to begin our research and cautions that the journey is not for the faint-hearted; however the reward for perseverance is a greater awareness of the impact of different chemicals on us and ultimately, greater quality of life.
The bottom line for me is that, as a health professional, educating people to make informed choices about their health and well-being not only builds healthier individuals, but also healthier communities.
I commend Jude for helping us to become more aware of ourselves and our environment.”

Lorraine Bennett: “I have battled for most of my life with doctors that don’t understand. I’ve been made to feel embarrassed, weird, mentally unsound and isolated. This book brings together a diverse range of experiences – a positive reminder that we are all individuals and must not feel rejected or inferior, our symptoms are real and valid and manageable. This book has brought together information that support very exciting findings, empowering the reader to set an appropriate path towards the goal I believe we all seek in life – to be happy and healthy.”

Fernando Gomez, clinical psychologist: “Obviously this area is crying out for some randomised control studies … Unfortunately, there is little $ to be made from this, which is probably why it hasn’t been done.”

Miranda Nicholson: “This is a great book to improve understanding and spread the word about the effects of food on our brain functioning and psychological status. It is important that more people understand the possible effects of food. It would be great to get the information more mainstream!”

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