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  1. I watched this series aired on ABC and appreciated the information that was provided in the 3 parts and the changes that occurred for the participants. I also agree with your views relating to food intolerances and diet contributing to and supporting people. I believe from my own experience with my children that it is wider than even than this, that ADHD is a funnel for many issues to put a label on the person to try and deal with them. In our case I found that my children have issues with their body utilising vitamins and minerals, so even with a great diet because of the inability to process effectively functions within the brain do not occur as normaly they should. For example I now source for them methylated folate and vitamin b12, which means their bodies do not have to complete any processing to utilise these, plus provide them with additional zinc, iron and magnesium. These changes have been more dramatic than just the diet alone. While the program focused on parental support, this was effective for the time frame and perhaps an extended series could provide people with a much wider scope of options, as I believe the brain is very complex and not even one or two sizes fit all.

    1. Thank you Michelle. I did mention ‘supplements’ in my post but in the desire to keep the petition simple, I did not give biomedical treatments the focus they deserve, as evidenced by the changes you have seen (which as you probably know reflects many people’s lived experience). So many people have seen profound improvements with supplements and other changes in environment, often after finding diet was not the whole solution. You are so right that this warrants a great deal more attention (I’m thinking scientific studies, education etc). Perhaps I can contribute with a second book 🙂

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